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Old Alcohol Plant

Don’t sleep (or dine) with just anybody…Stay with somebody you know.

So, let’s get to know each other!  

We are a Boutique Inn, Spirits restaurant and bar, catering, intimate event venue, art gallery, more!
Attire is always Casual
Our Culinary Team is lead by Executive Chef Troy Murrell

Let’s start with the tough subject of health right now.  There are distinct advantages to staying and dining in a boutique hotel.  The Old Alcohol Plant is a beautiful, old hotel that was first designed and built as a manufacturing plant for alcohol (no, not that kind) by the Adams family (no, not that one).  Ansel Adams’ father built this place, and that industrial-hip, on-trend cache has been lovingly restored.  More importantly now, the large scale room size, corridors and open space of 3 acres off the main road means easy social distancing —and then some.

History – Constructed in 1910, the Old Alcohol Plant building was originally owned and operated by Charles H. Adams, father of the famous photographer Ansel Adams.

Before – Classen Chemical Company made wood alcohol out of sawdust at this plant, closing it’s doors in 1913, remaining quiet for 65 years.

After – In 1978, Ray Hansen set sights on the building shell and the potential it presented. Investing nine years and over $4 million, Ray and his wife Jeanne created a hotel and resort called the Inn at Port Hadlock.

Now – After several changes in ownership, government officials closed the doors on the Inn at Port Hadlock in 2011 due to taxes owed. A small group of local philanthropists saw potential in the property, purchased and renovated it, then reopened the hotel in 2016 with a mission in mind and a new, old name.

The walls of this sturdy hotel will provide lodging for community members in need, create jobs to enhance our economy, and provide a beautiful waterfront location for events and classes.


Address & Contacts


310 Hadlock Bay Road Port Hadlock WA 98339


48.0276541, -122.7431928




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